An Important Guidebook for Today’s Parents

What is Artificial Intelligence?

As parents, you are likely to refrain from giving anything to your child that is artificial. However, the one thing that the children of today need to master is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is a wide-ranging branch of computer science that deals with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. It includes providing instructions through programming to machines and make them capable of working like humans. The machines can learn through AI to recognize speech, solve problems, and learn to plan just like us!

While some people say that AI is killing human jobs, the…

Laboratory scientists use centrifugation as a staple technique to achieve sample separation based on particle density.

Though now integral to any life sciences laboratory, centrifugation has humble beginnings. Initially, the technique was commercialized and employed to separate cream from milk. Its spinning power eventually reached the lab thanks to Swiss biologist Friedrich Miescher, who in the late 19th century used centrifugation to isolate nucleic acids. The act kickstarted a technological revolution in the life sciences.

Now a ubiquitous tool, centrifugation empowers scientists to analyze the tiniest biological particles in detail.

Since 1947, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has provided centrifugation solutions…

Horoscope 2021
Horoscope 2021

Were you waiting for a reliable and accurate yearly horoscope 2021? We know 2020 was the strangest year for us, but it’s not going to be all bad for 2021, promise. Do we need to try to convince? From your love life to your job, what will happen in your next year. Pay careful attention to your Moon sign, and all of it is about your emotional needs — and after 2020, we could all use a little enjoyment.

Here is a handy tip for you to do in 2021. Look at and mark the most significant dates in your…

A few decades ago, nobody would have believed that machines would ever work in tandem with humans, leave alone posing a threat to jobs and replacing us. However, technology has slowly surpassed our imagination and there is nothing we can’t achieve with innovation. From Autonomous Vehicles to Business forecasting, technology has crept into mainstream industries and is believed to transform the way we live in years to come. A great deal of credit to this transformation goes to developments in Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables machines to perform tasks just like humans, adjust to changes and perform with higher…

The power of recommendations

There’s no such thing as a ‘@Netflix show.’ That as a mind-set gets people narrowed. Our brand is personalization.” (Ted Sarandos: Chief Content Officer at Netflix)

How Netflix is doing personalization

Netflix’s core competency in data science enables the personalization of the streaming experience based on user behavior. Netflix classifies and tags content to get a nuanced view of consumer preferences. Netflix has developed over 1,000 tag types that classify content by genre, time period, plot conclusiveness, mood, etc. These tags help to define micro-genres, which, by 2014, had already reached 76,897. Content micro-classification, combined with a proprietary recommendation engine, enables Netflix to serve better…

Market Trends

Recently, the Middle East has seen a swarm of investments pooling in from domestic as well as international markets to boost their efforts in innovation and technological advancements.

When Amazon accessed a regional online shopping site ‘’ for around $580m, it became a milestone for the technology sector and digital economy in the Middle East region. The GCC nations have been making headlines for a long time and their intent to make concrete advancements in digital innovative technologies is evident from the fact that the Gulf States are set to deploy 5G networks (mostly commercial 5G) by 2019. …

Year by year, Netflix continues to grow its library of Anime section and likewise this year Netflix added and acquired many hits and original animated series. Anime genre is getting bigger and better as shows like One Punch man and Attack on Titan made their way into the worldwide audiences. With all this popularity, Netflix has debuted their own originals animated shows like Bojack Horseman, Castlevania and Death Note which are highly acclaimed by the critics and audiences.

Here is a list of best animated series available on Netflix

10. Disenchantment

Anthology movies are the total package for the viewers, consisting of multiple short stories which could include one or many directors. Horror anthologies are the most fun and terrifying sub-genre and make it great for the viewer’s when all the stories summed up together. If you are getting sick of the other movie genres and want to explore more then take a look at our 15 best horror anthology movies of all time.

A few months back, James Gunn was fired as director of Guardian of Galaxy 3 after his 10-year-old offensive tweets about subjects like pedophilia and rape and this whole thing turned very bad for Gunn’s career but as for now James Gunn reportedly in talks to write a screenplay for Suicide Squad 2 and could possibly direct the film and this could be a hope for the better establishment of the Gunn’s career and DC’s Suicide Squad.

So, that’s the news but here are the few things you probably don’t know about it…

1. No Jared Leto’s Joker

Stan Lee and his appearances in Marvel movies are so common, it’s so obvious to have him on every f**king marvel movie. But guess what, The Stan Lee just made his cameo in a DC Comics Movie which is so surprising for everyone. By the way, the movie is Teen Titans Go! To The Movies which was just released alongside Mission: Impossible — Fallout.

As of fact, Lee has worked for DC comics too but never has any contribution to DC Comics Movies until now. He appeared two times in the animated movie, one during a scene where Teen Titans…

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